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What You’ve All Been Waiting For!

July 31, 2012

We, here at the library know that we’re occasionally slow getting up to speed with the most current and hottest trends. Many of you, our Patrons, have been long awaiting the arrival of e-book borrowing/lending. Well, we are pleased to announce that our tentative date for beginning the borrowing and lending e-books is August 31st, 2012.



With the use of e-books we have had to make some adjustments to the library card system we currently use. If you are interested in borrowing e-books starting at the end of August, we ask that you stop in to the library and update your card. In the near future we will be hosting a session for Patrons to attend explaining how to borrow e-books through the library, and that date will be announced shortly.



Just to sum it all up, e-books will be available August 31st so long as there are no more bumps in the road. Finally, patrons that plan to use or are interested in borrowing e-books are asked to stop in the library to update their card. (Our hours are posted on the homepage and magnets are available if needed.) In the future, after borrowing has commenced we will have an introduction session on how to borrow books from the library which will be announced shortly.Image


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