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The Wait is Over!

October 4, 2012

Many of you have been patiently awaiting the arrival of e-books to the library. Your wait is finally over. The Utica Library is finally participating in the use of e-books through Overdrive Media of Northern Illinois (OMNI) Libraries. You can now read books on your computer, tablet, smart phone, iPod, iPad or Kindle devices! You can even listen to audiobooks!


If you wish to participate in the use of e-books we ask that you come into the library to update your library card. Each family member that wishes to participate in the use of e-books is also required to come in and have their card updated/issued. When you come in be sure to ask Emily for assistance with your card, software/app downloads and the process of checking out a book.


For each device you plan to use you will need to download a software/app provided by overdrive. Overdrive Media Console Software/App Download


The website used to look for and check out books is:

Virtual Library – OMNI Library


If you have any questions feel free to stop in the library, call or e-mail and talk to Emily.

Phone: 1-815-667-4509



Happy Reading!


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