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Help The Utica Illinois Canal!!

September 18, 2014

Our town is known for the beautiful scenery, hiking trails and bike trails along with the many other things Utica has to offer. However, the canal has seen better days and needs the help of its home community! Thanks to Chris Miller, you can now help the canal get the help that it needs! Please follow this link: Illinois Michigan Canal Reparations in Utica Illinois. By clicking on the link, your computer will open another tab with a petition to sign electronically. This petition will be sent to Senator Sue Rezin, Representative Frank Mautino and Governor Pat Quinn. Please help us return the canal to it’s former beauty and make it a place for all to enjoy yet again.

If you have trouble with the link above, please follow these directions:

Go to:

Search for “Illinois Michigan Canal Reparations in Utica Illinois”

Choose the first petition, sign and VOTE!


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